1. Pilot Project For Building Life-long Resilience For Vulnerable Children (Aged 6-12) And Elderly In Nakivale Settlement, Uganda.
  2. BRIGHTER TOMORROW offers these vulnerable child workers a chance to learn basic literacy and numeracy skills and perhaps return to school in better times ahead. It brings hope and psychosocial tools to the children which can be shared with their family and friends.

  3. In 2021 we want to expand CoronaPlaza.LIFE by implementing advanced features to greatly improve your experience. Plus, we want to start to internationalize it, translating it into several other languages. The amount needed to continue as we are now is $12,000 USD.  The expansion package of new features and translations will require $35,000 USD. Please give what you can: all donations, large or small,  make it possible for us to reach more people in this critical moment.

  4. Focusing Initiatives International supports those in distress through a variety of healing initiatives. Our culturally sensitive, deep listening approach emphasizes building connections and embracing the power of mutual support. This is even more crucial as the whole world is experiencing multiple stresses. As we strive to make our programs available to everyone, regardless of finances, nationality, gender, or age, every donation makes a large difference in so many lives and communities. Focusing Initiatives International is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.